Backdating dla claims

For the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, the maximum amount of capital that can be held by a claimant or their partner that is of pensionable age is £16,000.This limit does not apply to people in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee.

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IB is not paid if you were already over state pension age when you became sick.

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In certain circumstances tax credits claims can be backdated.

This means that your entitlement to Incapacity Benefit may be based on different rules.

What is Incapacity Benefit Do you qualify Payment rates If you have personal pension How to Claim How is your incapacity assessed When does the Own Occupation Test apply When does the Personal Capability Assessment apply Exemptions How much do you get Does anything affect what you get New permitted work rules from April 2002 Transitional Rules Linking rules What happens on retirement How are you paid Reviews and Appeals Further information Incapacity Benefit is for people unable to work because of illness or a disability.